United States Navy Memorial Foundation

April 8. 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

Jeb Heaney and Heaney Construction Company restored a three-story post and beam barn

property commencing in the late fall of 2001 and completed same in the early winter of 2002.

This barn is a historical edifice and was originally constructed in 1840. The barn was structurally

unsound and many people advised me to tear it down. I spoke with the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance and they encouraged me to repair the barn and there was a possibility of a tax incentive to save old barns. A bill for this as I understand it is still before the legislature.

Consequently. I decided to repair the old barn and spoke with several contractors before selecting  J. Heaney Construction Co. His price was not the lowest. However, from his conversation with my wife and

myself we felt he had the experience and know how to do this very difficult job.

Mr. Heaney and his crew never missed a day and they came on the job early and left as the sun

departed. He did much more than I had imagined and his work was of the highest quality.

Many people have admired the barn and they all say the contractor did a great job.

Since I travel extensively in my work. I was not available to watch the daily routine of the work.

However, my wife & I are extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend Mr. Heaney and his

company very highly for whatever endeavor he may undertake.

Very truly yours.

Robert E. Naser
United States Navy Memorial Foundation