Jeb Heaney and Heaney Construction Company restored a three-story post and beam barn

on our property during the fall of 2002. The work was completed in a professional,

timely manner according to the contract.

Prior to our purchase of the property the barn fell into disrepair due to a damaged roof

This building was not cared for. The missing portions of the roof caused significant

damage to the floors and beams below. We wanted the 19th century barn repaired so that

the property was intact. Through the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance we contacted

Jeb. He has devoted his company to the repair and restoration of old homes and barns.

His proposal included initial repair of the roof to prevent further damage to the building

and tailoring the additional repairs so that as much of the original building as possible

was intact. His appreciation of the historic and aesthetic value of the antique buildings he

works on is apparent through his conversations and attention to detail.

Jeb met with me regularly before, during, and after the restoration was complete to

discuss many aspects of the project. He spent time explaining the restoration process,

determining our wants and needs for the building. and satisfaction with the work in

progress. He was willing to explain both the financial and historical aspects of each

decision that was made.

Without reservation. I would recommend Jen Heaney to any person seriously interested

in preserving a building. Jeb and his crew did a fantastic job, were conscious of the

impact of the project on our Lives, and made sure the area was cleaned once they were


Jill G. Galus & Aaron C. Galus