Dear Jeb,

With our sill, front door and siding job completed. Martee and I want to thank you and James for simply a fantastic job. Our old house will live on for many generations thanks to your efforts.

You and James deserve an extra complement as you made everything go “right” on the job. You turned around the effort estimate in 2 days. YOU began the job on the originally committed date. You both put in long days and an extra Saturday; you even arrived back yesterday with the special door molding and completed the effort many other companies would shrug off until called multiple times. It was also apparent throughout the job that you both are truly expert in your trade — it’s rare to see craftsmen today who “do it right the first time”.

Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference and invite any prospective clients to stop by to see the fine job you accomplished for us. You earned it.

Thanks again for a job well done,

Donald J. McGinley